The following is a partial listing of patents which Keith Harrison has written, prosecuted and obtained from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

U.S. Pat. No. Patent Description
6,468,321 Blade and Skirt Assembly for Directional Gas
Cleaning and Drying System
6,585,000 Pressure Relief Valve
6,691,972 Adjustable Handrest for Artists
6,850,151 Devices for Locating/Keeping Track of Objects,
Animals or Persons
7,001,288 Soccer Practice Cage
7,048,064 Multi-Unit Centralizer
7,156,817 Massage Ball
7,290,570 Twist Attachment Device
7,303,164 Fishing Line Package and Dispenser and Method
7,419,054 CD Case with Guitar Pick Display Capability
7,488,297 Blood Collecting Devices
7,662,110 Devices for Collecting Blood and Administering
Medical Fluids
7,686,073 Tubing String
7,753,112 Fluid Production System and Method
6,455,483 Well Stimulation and Formation Purging Composition