Patent Lawsuit Over Personal Transporter

In Orange County, California, Segway, the creator of the first, zero-emission, self-balancing, personal transporter, has filed a lawsuit against the company Inventist. Segway alleges that Inventist infringed five patents to build its products. Both companies’ transporters are similar to the one used in the Back to the Future 2 movie. This lawsuit is the latest in a number of lawsuits attempting to stop patent infringement companies that are making “hoverboard” products.

All of these transporters allow users to move around at 10 miles per hour with little to no effort, making it the new go-to gadget among celebrities, such as John Legend and Justin Bieber. They require approximately 2-3 hours of charge and last for around 6 hours, or nearly 10 miles of travel. The transporters both say the support up to 300 pounds.

Be prepared to see more news of “hoverboard” patent infringement lawsuits, as this popular product is selling in a number of stores and online to consumers of all ages, and demographics. Continue Reading Here